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The history of Guneysut has started between 1970-1980 in Cukurova region with cheese trade.The first production facility of Guney has built up in Elmalı/Antalya in 1980 with entrepreneur soul of father Oder and 5 son’s firm intention.This factory could be called the first brick of the existing Guney.
The has order family has decided to go their business life,which has started as white cheese trader/producer,producing dairy products as per the demends on 1984.

That year,the second factory had been built up in mersin with the capacity of 10 tons/day of milk by the name of Odesan Ltd.Şti. in 1992,the second generation took place in management of the company after father order passed the torch to his sons.The second generation, with clear vision and mision,was well educted to analyze the sector dynamics,during the father oder’s business life.

The second generation has also believed that the success depended on hard working with strong principles.The second generation who are 5 brothers has different qualifications.The most important point that the father Oder had believed them that juice sector on 30.000 sqm with the capacity of 500 tons/day while the experencs of aseptic packaging would brought the sucess as per the market demands.The growth target of the company has never changed during the time…In the same year,they established another dariy factory with 500 tons/ day capacity on 40.000 sgm and wıden the product range.

In order to receive the best quality raw milk, the Guney cattle ranch has been finished in 2007 on 1.100.000 sqm and with 2000 cows.The agricultural facility has also been stared near the ranch to produce the feed.

In 2007, the Guney goat ranch has built up which has the most modern milk system of europe on 50.000 sqm area with 2000 goats.

Now the company services to many domestic and abroad points with its executive agencies.The main export countiries are Georgia,Romania,Bulgaria,Cyprus ,Iraq,Syria ,Qatar,

Libya,Ghana,Liberia,Gabon,Comor Islands,Congo,Kenya,Albenia, Equatorial Guinea,Sao Tome, South Africa,Israel,Palestine, Mauritania,Malaysia ,etc.the mission of the Guney is to be the sector leader on export and inland market with its capacity.

‘ Today, Guney company has reached 1000 tons/day production capacity with more than 400 employees and 100 different products.”